Knowing that a holiday on Seven Seas would be more than great, my expectations were already huge. It was twice as great than I could have imagined!! Travelling with my family: my wife, my daughter of 10, my two sons of 8 and 5 years old, I hoped that all could be managed on the ship well. Do not worry about family travel on board the Seven Seas: it is great!! National park – awesome, dive sites – beautiful, ship – on every detail it has been well thought-out, quality hospitality and friendliness of Seven Seas crew – from outer planet. Examples: Jefri is very good with small kids, snorkeling & playing on the beach; Little John – great breakfast/lunch/dinner service, taking breakfast orders when dive gear is taken off; Linda – our 10 year old daughter did her PADI certification dives: always easy learning with pleasure, great buddy for kids & Instructor; Karl – great Cruise Director, knowledgeable on dives, planning, hikes, flexible to adapt and never pushing; Nico – great, young dancing star! The 2 ladies in the kitchen – great cooks, excellent deserts and nice dancers; Captain – he takes care of all, he helps you on board and asks how the dive was – excellent service! All others whom I did not mention – you guys are a great team! Hang on together and allow others to enjoy the same best vacation we’ve ever had …. and so on ….. Thank you Seven Seas crew you have made our holiday memories last forever!!! Komodo National Park, July 2015.

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