WOW!! Honestly, when I signed up for this trip, I really didn’t know what I was getting involved in. What I found though, is a slice of paradise. Thank you for showing us remote Indonesia, which is beyond beautiful. Robin and I intended this trip to be a kind of “Goodbye Indonesia” trip, for in less than a week we move to New York. Seeing the astounding nature will make me miss the diversity of this country. But I have a strong feeling that we will be back. Also because you have an amazing staff on board. From Linda & Karl to all the other local staff, you kept us entertained, educated us about all the millions of fish and coral species that I will never remember, served us wonderful food (I may get used to having two breakfasts a day!!) and kept us comfortable …. do I dare say spoiled us. Thank you all for the beautiful memories and be sure that we will spread the word. East of Flores, April 2015.

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