What Our Guests Have to Say…



What Our Guests Have to Say…

What our guests have to say....

The Seven Seas has been operating for over 15 years and has amassed hundreds of trips with amazing guests and adventures on every trip we have run.

Please check out some of the review below to see what they have to say.

From the guestbook: I always dreamed, as Alfred Russel Wallace did, of traveling through Raja Ampat. Alas, Wallace only got to Waigeo, and suffered many hardships in pursuit of the elusive Cendrawasih. Lucky me ? I was able to experience so much of the area in the lap of luxury aboard the Seven Seas. From the most brilliantly colored nudibranch to the fighting Spanish mackerels, the bioluminescent magic at night to the mating calls of the red bird of paradise, this has been one of my life?s highest adventures. Banyak terima kasih to Mark and the crew of Seven Seas. (Eat your heart our Wallace!) Raja Ampat december

Marty Fujita

The birds head of New Guinea is one of the finest natural areas and ecosystems left on the planet. Journeying through it and into it on the Seven Seas to experience Raja Ampat was a real treat. The crew, Mark Jos and Stew made is a memorable experience not only for Marty and I, but for Dana and Taylor as well. They have honed their diving skills in these waters and will forever be “imprinted” on these coral reefs. As for me, the mangrove snapper fly-fishing ? both in the cleat water and bay water mangroves ? was some of the most exciting fly-fishing ever! rnRaja Ampat December

Chuck Cook

What can I say? This was an absolutely epic trip to a part of the world that is truly amazing. I could have only dreamed of coming to this area given the difficulty of getting around ? so how wonderful to be able to see all of this from the Seven Seas. This is a fantastic boat and a super crew who all did a great job. It was a pleasure to say the least. Thank you so much for a great trip. Raja Ampat December.

Anne Earhart

Another really great trip with Mark and crew. Good diving, good food, good accommodation. Banda Sea and Raja Ampat, November 2006.

Alf Ekstrous

Chuck told us we had to make this trip and Marty sealed the deal. This is one of the worlds last great generators of biodiversity, and conservation organizations like TNC and CI are working to keep it so. We had not been diving essentially for 10 years since we left Indonesia. The Seven Seas is a great boat with a wonderful crew and Mark Jos and Stew were excellent hosts. This was the trip of a life time, even after 50 years of globe-trotting the company of fellow ?consumers? was a major part of our enjoyment. The incredible diversity which we witnessed underwater has been a real nudge in the direction of saving our world. I hope Dana and Taylor will be able to make this trip fifty years from now, and find these wonderfull creatures waiting for them. Everything has been said about both our fellow travelers (a wonderful diverse and interesting group) and the ships crew from Jos and Mark on down a friendly helpful competent group. Raja Ampat December.

Bob and Peggy Barry

First time on a dive boat but its going to be difficult to do it as well as on this trip. Fun, safe, lots of reef, good laughs, will be back! Marvelous trip, snorkeling and first scuba dive! WOW. Never before seen such amazing life forms! Good fun, good company, good food and good weather. Excellent volcano, still stiff! Thank you! Banda Islands, October 2006.

Larry and Jane Barrow
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