Thank you Karl, Linda and the whole Seven Seas staff. We expected an adventure but were not prepared for so much to discover, experience, feel, see and it is hard to take it all in. What about the “Blue Moon” appear on an isolated island/sand spit in the middle of the ocean …. or discovering a billions stars in the sky just after lifting our head from night snorkeling and seeing the bioluminescence. We feel like we have been the lucky ones. Five enormous manta rays swimming alongside us and coming back for more. Incredible vistas of an un-spoiled coral reef and underwater world. Mandarinfish – a jewel of the sea – miniscule, nervous, a flashing passage in front of our eyes but an everlasting memory. So much to say. The vistas from Padar are unsurpassed! The Discovery Dive for Aude and me. The discovery of Rinca’s ecosystem and the strange world of Komodo dragons. Finally, thank you to Widhi in the kitchen, who spoiled us with her gastronomic cuisine. Everyone has been superb, professional and extremely friendly to us all. In January 2016, on a cold night, when the days are short and the snow storm will be blowing outside our window, we will close our eyes and think of the warm evenings, having dinner with friends forever and we will be smiling. Thank you all from the Benk-Fortin-Wenham family! Komodo National Park, August 2015

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