My Indonesian Family on the magnificent Seven Seas did not fail to spoil us yet again above and under water during our extraordinary trip to Raja Ampat with my dear South Africans friends, the Barkers and Co.
Every dive was magical in its own special way, as there simply cannot be a bad dive in Raja Ampat. There were a few very memorable ones though… we had a few wild feeding frenzies of silversides with dense clouds of them being chased over the reef by packs of jacks, and even a hammerhead swimming by leisurely and close up, absolutely incredible. And then there was a large bottlenose dolphin chasing barracudas close to us, almost too good to be true!!!
The half moon brought mild currents, which were especially rewarding on one dive, where a dense carpet of fusiliers, mainly yellowtails, covered the reef and did not mind our presence among them, just covering us, magically. Very large schools of big eye jacks, barracuda and batfish were also plentiful, and we had what must have been the absolutely BEST manta dive anybody had EVER had, with a constant flow of VERY close up mantas at a cleaning station for the WHOLE dive, with mantas coming in and lying on other mantas to push them away from the cleaning station in order to have a go themselves, simply as good as it gets!!!
Thank you so very much Seven Seas!!! Already looking forward to our next trip!!!

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