Great trip. Thank you so much to everyone who made such amazing effort to look after us all so well. Thank you Karl for your attention to detail and your knowledge about the region, the diving and well . . . lots of things, and for being a great guy. Thank you to Fitri, Luluk, Totok, and Niko for amazing food, the lab dishes were my favorite, the variety and flavor of that kitchen is incredible. The girls were the most attentive hostess and everything is kept sooo beautifully clear and tidy.
To our dive guides Jefri and Sadat the biggest thank you on ever, every dive was safe and you looked after us so well, critter finding . . . amazing. To the boat crews a huge thank you. “Check check double check” All that hauling of gear, checking of gear, helping me into and out of the boat. Looking after us and always with the kindest attention & smile. To the Boats Captains and engineering crew on enormous thank you for your expertise and for keeping us safe at sea. All up. . . an amazing trip, great diving & lovely people to share. Thank yo so much. Raja Ampat, February 2018

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