Chuck told us we had to make this trip and Marty sealed the deal. This is one of the worlds last great generators of biodiversity, and conservation organizations like TNC and CI are working to keep it so. We had not been diving essentially for 10 years since we left Indonesia. The Seven Seas is a great boat with a wonderful crew and Mark Jos and Stew were excellent hosts. This was the trip of a life time, even after 50 years of globe-trotting the company of fellow ?consumers? was a major part of our enjoyment. The incredible diversity which we witnessed underwater has been a real nudge in the direction of saving our world. I hope Dana and Taylor will be able to make this trip fifty years from now, and find these wonderfull creatures waiting for them. Everything has been said about both our fellow travelers (a wonderful diverse and interesting group) and the ships crew from Jos and Mark on down a friendly helpful competent group. Raja Ampat December.

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