My second trip on the Seven Seas, first was Komodo in 2006. Eighteen months and who-knows-how-many passengers later, the crew still remembered me by name and gave me a warm return welcome aboard. I’m sure they hadn’t been briefed. Excellent, friendly service continued for the entire trip. The boat is still top-notch comfortable and well-equipped. Thank you Mark for all your remarkable good nature and knowledge of the area – I can’t imagine having a more capable and likeable person “in charge”. Having a customized video is a great addition to the Seven Seas experience (thank you Stew!). I missed the back lounge area on this trip, but the conversion to camera storage worked well for the photogs and all their hardware. Kayaking around coves and streams was a perfect break for solitude. The diving was fantastic, despite a few days of murky vis. Highlights were the crocodile (woah, surprise!), all the wobegong, the schools of fish around Misool, and the gardens and gardens of corals. Where to next?? Banda Sea, Triton Bay & Raja Ampat, Sept/Oct 2007.

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