Thanks to all of the Seven Seas crew for your quiet competence and support, giving us access to an amazing part of the planet, making it look easy to dine sumptuously, dive spectacularly, sleep soundly, then dine ? dive ? dine ? dive ? sleep ? dine ? dive and dive again. Special thanks to Stew, master magician, to eagle eyed Tommy, and the wonderful attentive Yovin, as well as to the MANY we seldom got to see but who made it possible to have full tanks, clean gear, gourmet food and a safe ship, arriving when and where expected with no worries! A salute too to the boat handlers and divers who provided great support ? giving your expertise to make it possible to explore this great ocean wilderness and to inspire us to do everything possible to take care of it ? with admiration to all of you. Raja Ampat Seacology Expedition, October 2007.

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