What a fantastic voyage it has been! Spectacular diving aside, thank you Andy (captain) for steering us through the nights and early mornings. The voyage was smooth. Thanks to Stew for the management of crew and guests and looking out for all our needs. Thank you Andy (housekeeping) for making sure our nights were comfortable and our cabins impeccably kept. Thank you Tommy (dive master) for your keen eye and spotting creatures that I have not seen before. Thank you Anton and kitchen crew for the delicious meals and everything in between. Thank you Ari, Pai, Brahm and all the others for driving us to our dive sites, helping us pull on and off our gear and keeping it in good working order and clean. Thank you Udin and team for keeping that engine steaming and tending to our gear. Thank you Yovin for looking after all of us, from that first cup of coffee in the morning thru the breakfasts lunch tea and dinner all the way to the last cube of ice for my night cap! What a team! Banda Sea and Raja Ampat, November 2007.

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