Having just returned from the two most incredible weeks on board the SevenSeas in Komodo it is hard to summarize in words how utterly amazing the trip has been. It is not often in life that everything falls into place in such a manner and one is in such a sense of awe that memories fight for that place in your mind where one outdoes the other. Someone wiser once said that it is in memories that eternity exists, and I for one feel incredibly privileged that I am now amongst a select few that can say that they understand that. The overall experience the crew of the SevenSeas delivers is unquestionably and without any sense of misappropriation sublime. You are treated like royalty in a most genuine and heartfelt manner. Everything, really everything is amazing. Mark and his crew are phenomenal and the dives by far the best I have ever been blessed to partake in. Komodo is a place unlike any other, alien like almost, Jurassic in a sense. Yet, no matter how much in awe you will end up being by the scenery, you do not want to be anywhere else then on the SevenSeas. Do not settle for anything less if you can have the best someone else wiser once said. And the SevenSeas, by far, is the absolute best you can do.Mark, Jos, and everyone that made this possible, from the bottom of my heart, my sincere and humbled gratitude. I will never ever forget.Orhan Koc

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