We spent the last three mornings of our trip at the Manta Ridge, for some of the top 5 dives of my life. We had 11 of them circling above us, coming within a foot of us, no other boats were there any of the days. Thanks to Stew for making it happen – to change the itinerary slightly so we could stay an extra couple of days. Thanks to Tommy for leading me to the exact perfect spot to be – on many of the dives! It is a great pleasure to dive with Tommy because of his amazing ENTHUSIASM and love for the underwater creatures and flora. He also has a very sharp eye for finding things. We had a great trip: Yovin was over and beyond helpful and pleasant, Julie cooked great meals, all of the boat drivers were so helpful, happy and mellow. It was fun doing Yoga with the staff and Sarah and Stew in the mornings. John & Bram seemed to enjoy it. Thanks so much to everyone behind this operation – the owners, the ?designers?, the staff and crew. Raja Ampat, March 2010

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