This was my first “live-aboard” experience. It started out with “this is surreal” and then improved upon that. Rarely, in my experience, has the world been in such a perfect order, and beauty, as this place and time. The diving…the best that I have every seen, NO seriously. And I have seen some amazing places. The best why? I am not sure, but I believe this because I arose from a dive at least twice thinking, that was the best dive I have ever made. The ?live-aboard? experience: having no frame of reference, I must say this was an extremely well run operation. I can?t explain why, except to stay that everything appeared to be perfect. Can I think of anything to complain about, NO. The crew was top of the reef. The food was great and satisfying. The process with in which the group operated was ?phenomenal?, systematic, calculated, very well executed. Stew deserves a additional mark for personality, timing and appeal. Tommy, as many commented was perhaps the best dive master one could hope to spend 10days with. Never have I experienced enthusiasm from a man who does this every day as this one. Yovin was very nice, all would remark that she is the face of your operation, and a very good one. Then there were the unseen practically, unacknowledged group of men & women that did every thing we couldn?t see, you know the ones without which this boat could not survive. Thank you to these people, thank you. Sitting here writing this, all I can say is thank you, and I will be talking about it, a lot. Raja Ampat, March 2010.

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