Every boat & crew have their own unique rhythm, as unique as the precise way the boat’s hull moves through the waves, the sound of the spume as it displaces the sea. Many boats & crews at first seem to beat this rhythm of the waves identically, but eventually each boat & crew distinguishes themselves from all the others. Such has been my experience aboard the Seven Seas. The rhythm of the boat & this crew is an easy rhythm. Not the lethargy of reggae, nor the insistence of a march….. thank the Gods for that. No, this is the easy rhythm of an old mariner’s song rising & falling, drawing you in, but allowing everyone their own way of moving to it.Thanks for everything: the good humour, the tireless answers to inexhaustible questions, the great advice, and yummy food.May the sea always be a kind mistress and may the deep generously reveal her secrets. Raja Ampat, December 2010.

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