What a treat for us to come back so soon after the Alor trip! The Seven Seas is the most beautiful boat on the ocean-so cared for and comfortable. We can not say enough good about the crew-they work so hard and with such grace and good spirit and humor. ?Stew??s ?It?s all about communication? adapts to everyone?s benefit. The Kitchen crew & Hostesses-Jovin, Jaya, Whidhi & Niko-Whidhi?s singing, Niko dancing all smiles, Jaya swimming with Whidhi & of course Jovin, we were delighted she was on this cruise. The boat & diving crew are amazing-Jon?s speed boat & smile, Priyade?s gentle smile, Iman?s attention to detail, Bakar ?watching our back?, Ardy?s hat & smile, Yosef making sure we don?t crush our fingers. The diving-Tomi, Tomi, Tomi can see in the dark. ?No Currents, No Fish? Meeting us at the airport. Irwan?s laughter above & under the water. Koru?s had and smile. The smiles stay in my mind?s eye. I would have fallen on my face getting into the dive boats without these strong arms & smiles. The Captains-Wahyu, Rifai, & Bayu. They keep us safe, they have the most beautiful faces, I love being able to come into the wheel house where they explain and go over the route. I love to see Rifai underwater. The crew is always calm, their laughter floats over the boat and buoys all of us. Their singing & dancing is amazing-so much talent. We talk about our friends here when at cold home in Northern California, we think of you and wonder how you are. We follow your trip routes on the web. We love you all & can?t thank you enough. We?ll be dreaming of our next trip & seeing you all again. Raja Ampat, January 2012.

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