This was my first dive trip, my first time on the Seven Seas and my first time to the Forgotten Islands. How does one relay awe? Since day one, I have been on sensory overload. How do you describe a fan coral that, at 60 feet long, is larger than one’s body, tip to toe of flipper? You just need to come and experience it. Karl and Linda were perfect hosts for the Seven Seas, with a crew to match. Thank you Steve and Peggy, without whom I’d not have been nominated and Ann and Ed for opening their arms in welcome, their doors and their hearts. This truly was a trip of a lifetime and I do hope to be aboard again soon. Again, thank you to a top, stellar crew, without whom it would never have been flawless. May your seas be calm and the wind to your back. PS: Tommy – a million blessings for introducing me to the underwater world of darkness. Forgotten Islands, November 2012.

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