Just wow! Big friggin’ wow!! This will be a never-ending story – so where do we begin? First of all, the front office was very helpful and efficient, the boat is awesome – accommodations are great and so is the food. The environment is BEYOND incredible, it’s obvious the care and concern for reef and sea-life is a top priority here. We were blessed with good vis and few challenges to enjoy the dives. Most of all, the crew, guides and Karl & Linda were unbelievably knowledgeable and accommodating. A couple of times we moved flawlessly to “Plan B”, avoiding harsh weather and finding God’s pocket (safe harbour) and amazingly more wonderful dive sites! The skill of the Seven Seas crew emanates the highest level of expertise, which brings comfort and confidence of safety and true caring for all involved – each other and guests as well! This trip is in the top three diving experiences in my 39 years of diving. It exceeded my highest expectations. Diving these reefs, experiencing the diversity of life and complexity of the ecological relationships can be an overwhelming experience. I would try getting away from the madding crowd and other divers as well and enjoy the coursing through this magical place. If you don’t have a truly spiritual experience, you need counseling! Set yourself free and truly experience what it’s like to be “one with the world”. I can only say diving in these conditions must be like what it was like in the womb! Whatever it takes to get here, it can be one of the all-time life experiences …. Just do it! Thanks and love to all who made this soooo wonderful. Raja Ampat, March 2013.

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