Even though I have been Seven Seas’ webmaster for many years, this was the first time I actually had a chance to go on a trip myself, together with my son. Not being a diver I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and was wondering if 12 days wouldn’t be a bit too long. Well, now I can say that these were definitely amongst the 12 shortest days I ever had! The trip was pure fun from the very beginning to the end, with a variety of activities and – of course – fantastic snorkelling (for me) and diving (for my son). Karl and Linda did a brilliant job in making everyone happy, as did the fantastic crew. Great food, too, so I quickly had to give up on the idea of losing a bit of weight on this trip…Thanks again to everyone (extra thanks to Karl for giving special attention to my son for whom these were the first dives in the ocean) and of course to Jos and Lida who made this trip possible for us. Not to forget a really nice group of fellow guests. None of us really wanted to leave after 12 days…Peter & Kevin Blumtritt, Komodo Family Cruise July/August 2013

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