Again we must say goodbye – just finished 40 days of diving on our favourite boat, the Seven Seas. Our three trips to the Forgotten Islands, East of Flores and last, South Komodo, were fabulous. The weather was lots of sun and only a few days with rain. The water was warm and especially in South Komodo it was warmer and with excellent visibility, the best we had ever experienced on previous trips. Definitely a good time of the year to dive South Komodo. All our dives were exciting, the reefs are covered with hard and soft corals, sea fans and sponges, all with brilliant colours. We saw big fish, little fish and everything in between. Too many to write about. From topside the view of the islands of Indonesia with its volcanoes, sheer cliffs and green vegetation are breath-taking. Incredible sunrises and sunsets. We were able to watch Mount Komba erupting with a lightening storm in the background as a bonus. But as always, it was the crew of the Seven Seas that made our trip so special and unforgettable. They are the best of the best. They work together as a team, everyone helps each other with their respective tasks, regardless of the individual’s position. They are always eager to help, the big smiles and laughter are like sunshine. We will miss the diving, the sun and the scenery but what we will miss the most is everyone of you. But we will be back and spend time together again. Thank you, thank you all for making our time with you so special! We love you. Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

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