My dear Seven Seas family !!! Again, it has been a HUGE privilege to be back HOME on Seven Seas with Captain Pai and his AWESOME crew and of course Karl and Linda, without whom our diving experience would never have been of the same STUNNING quality !!!! Komodo is absolutely beautiful diving and Karl’s management is simply the best!! The value of a committed, enthusiastic, experienced and long-term Cruise Director cannot be underestimated!! Diving in the wonderful company of dear friends Tom & Beth, Dave & John and Wayne & Christine was a priceless treasure. Thank you so much for being in my life. We can’t wait to be back on our Indonesian floating home, Seven Seas, Forgotten Islands 2016, Inshallah! We can’t wait to see you all again, dear friends!! Thank you!! Terima kasih! South Komodo, January 2014.

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