We love the Seven Seas, our second home and family. Welcome to the new crew members – Nico, Bado, Ustin, Anjas, Heri. The most professional, kind, generous, helpful, talented and beautiful crew. My new fins split, mask strap broke and dust cap broke and the crew fixed it immediately. Irwan found pygmies, frogfish, sleeping sharks, baby rhinopias and much more. I listened for the click of his pointer and his hum. Little Jon, Mato, Nico and Yaya cooked and served in big swells and washed the silverware several times in one night. Captain Wahyu, Bayu, Bakar and Big Jon have been on board since our first trip and we love seeing them again, getting hugs and big smiles. Karl and Linda make us laugh and show endless patience for questions. Imam – orang Makassar! So good to see him on board and driving. Jefri was so enthusiastic about guiding and we hope to see him again. We love you and think about where you are when we go home to work. We cannot wait to return. Terimakasih banyak! Esst of Flores, August 2014.

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