Great 40th birthday trip! Can’t think of a better way to spend it than celebrating with a great group of people, in a beautiful part of the world. Got to see some new critters and fishes. Wobbegong, orca, numerous types of dolphins, tons of sharks. Plus, great dives – Mucky Mosque, Beangabang, Castle Rock. But loved the critter dives. Irwan & Jefri have a great eye for the critters. How they see some things amazes me! Karl and Linda are helpful with great stories. Wonderful food, with a great variety but always ate too much! The rest of the staff was friendly and helpful. Dive safety was solid and the pick-up boats always waiting out and ready. Special thanks to Jos & Lida for letting me join the “family trip”. Truly a special opportunity. I am always thinking about the next trip! Thanks to everyone – what a great birthday trip! Komodo and East of Flores, October 2014.

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