It’s wonderful to be back on board Seven Seas, our mobile diving headquarters of choice in Indonesia’s Coral Triangle. Komodo has long been one of our absolute favorite destinations worldwide, and we’re thrilled to return, this time to share the adventure with great friends from all over the world. We enjoy amazing weather on our 12 night Deep South Komodo itinerary. Slicing through the calm waters we recognize much of the rugged island scenery surrounding us, but there’s a new twist- the peaks and slopes are a verdant green thanks to the Northwest Monsoon, and the calm conditions in the south allows us to revisit classic, phenomenal sites such as Yellow Wall and Cannibal Rock, and explore new ones such as Baleh and Toro Walu. As to trip highlights, we must start with the crew, all of the hard-working, skilled women and men which make up the Seven Seas team. Their professionalism, patience and genuine kindness, and willingness to help with anything and everything, are exemplary. The food is equally superb. And the marine life? There are so many great memories, from the thrill of finding little beasties like sargassum frogfish and zebra crabs, to being in the middle of a manta traffic jam, and immersing ourselves in “fish soup” with millions of minnows orbiting around us. The surface intervals– dragon walks and beachside photo sessions, hiking up Padar’s spine, and sunset snacks on our own pink beach– help to complete the perfect holiday. Our sincere thanks to everyone! Deep South Komodo, March 2015.

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