30 years in the scuba industry with thousands of dives in many different dive destinations and with a very enthusiastic friend who encouraged me to take this trip with the acknowledgement that the best reef and marine life are in these waters ….. too big were my expectations but in the moment we did the first roll back, I was shocked!! Just to see what was under me …. as an experienced diver and photographer it took me more than minutes to realise where I was in that moment and what to do or where to aim or what to shoot with my camera, macro or wide angle?, still or video? I was so incredibly shocked, time passed by so fast. After an 80 minute dive, we surfaced and my friends and I were speechless. Day after day and improving comfort, we became more selective in how to shoot and what to look for. It is the so incredible the contrast of subjects – one day looking for the greatest creature in the world (blue whale) and in the afternoon planning to shoot the smallest octopus, just centimetres in size ….. My opinion of the Seven Seas: dive operation – Great!!! Boat – Super!!! Food – Excellent!!! Rooms – spacious and very comfortable. Personal Attention: “The Best”. Photography Place: “Incredible”. I’m spoiled by the crew. East of Flores, April 2015.

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