It was the trip of a lifetime, UNBELIEVABLE!! The Seven Seas sets the bar as far as service and care for the passengers. Smiling friendly faces always ready to greet you with a smile and help in any way possible. Can’t wait to come back and share this experience with family and friends. Was so wonderful to share the trip with Valerie. 34 years ago, I hand fed eels with Ron and Valerie and relived it on this trip. Only difference is I was bit by an eel 34 years ago and she got bit this trip! Documented the entire trip with Peter Taylor, a super friend and excited to share this adventure. Karl and Linda could not have done a better job in my opinion with their incredible hospitality and gracious help. They made my trip an extraordinary memory I will never forget. Thank you to all onboard who work so hard and proficiently to see to it that our experience is new, fresh, exciting and high class. Thank you for your smiles and laughter and high class. You are the best!! Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.

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