We came “home” to the Seven Seas family on our 7th cruise with this boat. But this was our 1st one to the Forgotten Islands, and it was one that we will never forget! Once again we had an awesome time and we are sad to leave. The Seven Seas crew are the best around – so highly skilled and so very kind and gracious. We love the instant smiles, no matter how much we get in their way. They all work so hard to make every trip special – from safety to critter finding, welcoming us on the Bridge, picking us up in currents or at night, feeding us so well. We think of everyone when we are at home, hoping everyone is healthy and happy. We miss Bayu and were sad to hear the news of him. We also missed Linda. The Seven Seas is the most beautiful vessel we’ve been on and the crew matches the ship’s beauty. Terima kasih, we can’t wait until our next trip! We’ll be back soon! Forgotten Islands, November 2016.

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