Coming from as far away as possible, 12 times zones (Lynchburg, VA), we just had to see the Komodo Dragons and the Nudibranchs, Cuttlefish, Pygmy Seahorse, and more Manta Rays than my camera could handle. Sevenseas made it all happen with comfort, efficiency (best dive deck and boat crews), hot showers, good Indonesian coffee, and the best desserts in the hemisphere. Tweaking the schedule due to weather changes and tides was seamless and smooth. A healthy mix of hikes with panoramic views, sandy beaches, and sunsets along with sunrise yoga and pushups on the ship’s roof kept us active and engaged above the water, too. And can’t wait to make a book from my 1000+ photos and relive the memories trip and again. Thank you, Sevenseas. Betsy – Joe. Komodo, June 2018.

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