This was a life changing trip, learning through the patient cruise and experienced diving instructors plus Mark’s intuitive decisions on places and dive levels. I overcome my primal fears and dived with sharks and manta rays, in joy, peace, and wonder.
The stress of life was substituted for peace and calm, connecting with nature in a magical way.
Mark is a wise relaxed, fair, knowledgeable and experienced leader and captain. Whom has created an exceptional business, well organized, entertaining, quality service and excellent staff.
The whole staff are friendly, helpful and attentive, clearly they have tonnes of experience and intellectual knowledge to make us feel safe and satisfied.
Excellent food, excellent diving, excellent service in an excellent location.
I am now a diver and now proud sea-fairer, thanks to everyone from the Seven Seas. Thank you so much everyone look proudly to more magic on more journeys with Mark and the crew. Raja Ampat, March 2018.

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