The real true honest story of the Garden of the Eden.
A long time ago, God made two people. A men and a women. He gave them a magical marvelous place to life in the most beautiful place in all of the Creation. It was called the Garden of Eden. God told Adam and Eve that they should not eat one of his most precious beings in the Garden. It was a beautiful clam. Adam and Eve ate the clam. They were tempted by a beautiful mermaid. God found out and made them leave the Garden of Eden. They had to crawl up on to land and figure out how to life there, in the wind, and the dust, and harsh living conditions. They have been trying to comer back ever since. But some of them return to the sea. And specially to the Garden which they know called Coral Reefs. It allows them to spend a few moments in the place were there ancestors lived so happily. Someday maybe they would be able to return forever. Banda Sea, April 2019.

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