What a privilege to have enjoyed this diving trip aboard the Seven Seas, to the Forgotten Islands! This was my first experience of diving and it could not have been better! The dive masters were very attentive and brilliant at finding exotic tinny creatures hiding away. Briefings were fun and informative and reassuring. Diving in the Forgotten Islands and visiting the islands, the villages, meeting the wonderful people was fabulous! I think I missed just 2/3 dives on a 15 day trip. We were fortunate to be travelling with Lawrence Blair who gave us a very authentic and interesting twist to the journey. Thanks to all the crew, who were all excellent, special thanks to my dive buddies Rian, Irwan and Alex. You rock! Of course thank you also to Mark whose tales were most entertaining! You have a great boat and a great team! Merci beaucoup.
PS: Love the movies, a wonderful souvenir thanks to Alex. Forgotten Islands, November 2018.

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