Terima kasih! Your crew are all fantastic!!! We had a magical trip to Raja Ampat that we will never forget. From the first minute came aboard the Seven Seas you all guys made us feel like home.
The boat… JUST FANTSASTIC! and the captain so so professional. Always awake to make sure that the boat and the guests are safe. This is a attitude not seen often in a captain… He is the father of all the crew family and they all respect him a lot!!
Alex… wow… he is one of a kind. Always smiling and happy and so profesional that was the BEST choice you could ever done. A cruise director like him makes the stay of customers on board so comfy and enjoyable!! You rock Alex, keep your love and excitement for diving and filming FOR EVER x x x
Yovin’s massage the BEST I ever had in the area!!! Love you Yovin and I promise I will practice our dancing and next time we come we will dance all night :)!!!
Jefri and Irwan amazing dive guides. They are the BEST guides you could ever had. Terima kasih you two, Eagle Eyes! If we did not have you our sights of nudis would be so little.
Seven Seas crew and leaders love what they do and always had so much fun. Love you all. And our singings, wow Irwan you always made the dives and after dives to rise up into another level. We will definitely come back, hopefully soon.
Absolutely fantastic. Bombarding!
Raja Ampat, December 2018.

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