This trip was a dream come true! We don’t get to the tropics often but when we do it has got to count! Diving with Alex was a perfect match for me. We did some great cardio seeing the whole of the sites and then slowly experiencing the best parts of the sites. His decision making was spot on and his jovial personality great fun. Yovin is a delight; great at massages and ever helpful. The dive masters wonderful spotters! The crew on top of the gear and good boatmanship. We have had a couple of boating accidents on other boats but with this amazing crew we did not worry. Truly relaxing, beautiful and some of the best diving we have ever experienced. Cape Kri on a sunny late morning on the coral garden was the most wonderful dive of my life. With circling yellow fin barracuda, many blacktip sharks surrounding us and every kind of schooling fish passing on and on. And then the last dive, diving with the mellow, graceful manta blessing us with his presence. Thank you for the most wonderful 12 days of our lives!! Raja Ampat, January 2019.

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