What an amazing trip!
Every day has brought new and amazing experiences and I am so grateful and thankful to everyone aboard who made this possible. Much of that I saw and experienced were things I had never expected to do in my life and it has been a revelation. Needles to say I will be back!
Special thanks to Alex, big John and Mark for snorkeling with me day after day. I have learnt heaps and can’t wait to see more. Thanks too to the rest of the crew – Bado for teaching me that neat trick of shampoo in the fins, the boat driver/s for watching out that I got in and out of the boats safely and every one else (esp. Yovin) for making us all so welcome and well looked after.
Highlights are too many to list -whale sharks, manta ray, dolphins, a tropical aquarium fill of reef fish, corals and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. And all seen from the comfort of the fabulous Seven Seas.
It s been the trip of a lifetime. Thank you all. Bird’s Head & Raja Ampat, March 2019.

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