As a person who has walked on underwater ship wrecks and ports and land excavations in wonderful extraordinary places of the world, this has been the ultimate experience of the natural world underwater. I feel so privileged and happy to have had the chance to experience, with a group of amazing people and crew the creme de la creme of marine environments. The Seven Seas has been so well organized and efficient, the food marvellous, the discussions so stimulating and thought provoking. I did not want to disembark! I would like to thank Rod and Susan Salm for putting this opportunity in front of me. I thank Rifai and Wahyu to let me sleep every night on deck with the elements and the Southern Cross! Thank you Seven Seas for a memory and experience I will take to my grave with a huge smile of absolute delight. Thank you Alex for helping us all time and the crew Check, check, double check!
Komodo, May 2019.

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