By Karen Iizuka. Photos by Katherine Wells, Eva Pet and Alex del Olmo.

We all looked to where Pete was pointing and sure enough, there were some dorsal fins and flippers at the surface. We ditched our breakfast and rushed out to the deck to get a closer look. There were about 8 Risso’s dolphins that we had mistaken for Melon-headed whales at first glance. We all marvelled at the rare sighting of these beautiful creatures. It was at this moment when I felt so connected to everyone aboard – we all share a love for the ocean. This was the morning of day 3 on the Seven Seas and as the days passed, there were plenty more memories made, stories told, and laughs shared as though we have all known each other for years.

From laying on the ocean floor and looking up to see giant trevallies passing by at fish bowl, to snorkeling with manta rays up close, to going on my first night dive, to dancing around the bonfire, to looking up at stars illuminating the night sky – these are all memories I’ll cherish forever.

If I wasn’t diving, playing cards, or stuffing my face with sashimi and cookies, you could always find me admiring the Seven Seas crew hard at work. There are 18 crew members and they are the most experienced, knowledgeable, accommodating, and genuine group of people you’ll ever meet. Jefri singing before every dive, the cheery good mornings from the crew, the friendly faces of Yofin and little John during meals, and Alex keeping us all updated on the cookie count became part of our everyday routine on the seven seas. It’s these small little things that make the seven seas truly special and different from any other boat & crew.

The end of this trip is bittersweet – leaving the seven seas feeling grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and all that I’ve experienced. Termima kasih. Until we meet again!

Karen Iizuka
Komodo, July 2019

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