Two Weeks of Shear Bliss, Above and Below

By Sonia Goggel. Photos by Dorothy Lee.

Dear Seven Seas Team,

Thank you so much!! East of Flores and Alor on our home in Indonesia, The Seven Seas, was two weeks of shear bliss above and under water, especially the cold bits and the Rhinopias dive. Lembata diving is beautiful, Tanjung Bacatan was great and the shallow Cardinalfish dive, awesome…

Rusa was fantastic, albeit 18 degrees… but amazing in all the ways possible… but my absolute favourite was Alcatraz… wow for coral growth and fish life. ???? Alor is very beautiful, great fish life and beautiful coral walls. The anemone city at at Pura is stunning… never seen so many anemones in one place…. incredible!!

On one dive we had ‘schooling’ frogfish, as we found at least four different frogfish sitting on sponges … two even having a romantic tete-a-tete … On the same dive we also spotted three blue ribbon eels, many morays and stunning slopes covered in light green soft corals and fans of many kinds, finishing up on mesmerising shallows blanketed in soft corals and anthias…

We also dived on many walls with magnificent ledges, framed by dense soft corals, fans and whips, and populated by convict bennies and all reef fish, with clouds of anthias, fusiliers, triggers and unicorns in the blue…

Then there was the top dive for black coral and fish density lovers, with a collection of deep pinnacles teeming with glass fish and cardinals, covered in pink, orange, white, light green and dark green black coral bushes… my personal favourite … a dream ????

There was also a dive where we just spent the whole time at 5 meters, admiring staghorn coral fields smothered in very numerous species of cardinal fish … bliss…

The boat is looking beautiful, and many guests commented that it was the best food they have ever had on a liveaboard and the best maintained boat, so thumbs up!!! Totok’s food is really very spectacular!!! The changes in the bathrooms are fantastic and the boat looks really beautiful and well kept!! Also some small details all over the boat, which make it all better, like metal towel racks in the cabins instead of the wooden ones, really make it nice ???? Also the fabric covers around the back look so much nicer the the material ones of before, much more tidy and groomed ????

The Seven Seas crew is really more than a crew to me, they are my Indonesian family!! But this happens not only to me, all my friends, who have come now to many Seven seas trips, absolutely adore the Crew ???? so professional, so kind, so genuine, so hard working, we completely love them to bits!! Thank you heaps for having me and my friends!!! Home sweet home!!

Sonia Goggel
August 2017

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