Seven Seas @ the 2019 Bali Triathlon

By Guteri.

On Sunday, Nov 10th 2019, Laura and I joined Herbalife Bali International Triathlon (HBIT) 2019. Laura is the daughter of one of the Seven Seas’ owners, and I am the one asking you to fill in your booking form! ?

It’s an annual Triathlon event in Bali since 2007 with 2 categories offered, Sprint Distance (500m swim, 20K bike and 5K Run) and Olympic Distance (1500 swim, 40KM bike and 10K Run). With 950 participants from all over the world, HBIT is considered as one of “Must Do” Triathlons in Indonesia.

Since I just began Triathlon this March, Sprint Distance is the perfect category for me and I compete solo. As for Laura, she competed as a swimmer in the Olympic Distance Relay together with Bambang (on bike) and Sammy (on run).

My goal in this event was to get back to the shore alive on swimming, grind better on the bike and come to finish line stronger on the run. The swim was okay, as soon I reached the shore I sprinted to the transition area and put my shades, cleat and helmet on quickly and took the bike out the transition until I reached the mount/dismount area.

Cycling was fun and I kept reminding myself not to push myself too much on bike, so I can still enjoy the run leg. Finishing the bike, back on transition area, took my cleat on and BAM! My leg cramped! This was a nightmare for me. I calmed myself down, took a deep breath, tried to put both my feet on the running shoes, which I made it.

Running was the most painful part under the scorching sun (it was 34°C) and it came to worst that I didn’t have my watch with me, so I had no idea about timing and the pace I was in. I tried to push myself more but I knew that side stich will soon join the party.
I was thrilled to finally be able to finished the race in 79 minutes and so surprised came out as the 3rd Indonesian Female behind two national triathletes. And turns out that Laura and her friends came third place in the Olympic Distance Relay, with Laura fastest female on the swim. What a race!

November 2019

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