Seven Seas Availability in the next 2 years

The Raja Ampat season 2017-2018 is starting this month, and we are almost fully booked. Just a cabin here and a sharing spot there between December this year and March 2018 still available. If you are thinking about this season, then take a quick look at the schedule for anything that suits your agenda. After that, for Raja Ampat cruises it is time to start looking at our schedule from December 2018 to March 2019 and you will see that the beginning of that season is also filling up quickly now. Time to think about booking your Raja Ampat cruises for early 2019!

For the first half of 2018, before docking, we still have one very nice cruise with plenty of availability. Komodo 2018 June 3 to 14, beautiful time of year in Komodo and just before the peak season of the Northern Hemisphere summer vacation! After that some cabins available on 2 cruises in Komodo and East of Flores in September and October, perfect time for both destinations, not much space left, grab it now!

After that, we have ONE MORE CHARTER left available for 2018. October 7 to 19, scheduled for East of Flores but flexible to swing elsewhere in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Our cruise director has reported earlier that the October 2017 cruises in East of Flores were superb, so that comes highly recommended. Watu Balu is something not to be missed that time of year!

Forgotten Islands then, how to get on a trip there?! Well, 2018 is fully booked with private charters, sorry. And for our 3 cruises in 2019 also 2 have already been booked by private parties. So we decided we have to give our individual guests a chance and we dedicated one cruise in 2019 to individual bookings. This is a guaranteed departure, from Maumere to Saumlaki, 2019, October 20 to November 1. And this is your chance to join a cruise that is described in several articles in this Newsletter this month. Would not be fair to let you read it without a chance to book it. So far one cabin confirmed already and 7 cabins left available. First to confirm is first to get. We are not going to put anything on hold for this cruise, just let us know when you are ready to confirm! After that the next available Forgotten Islands trip will be 2020.

And then last but not least, an EPIC Banda Sea cruise of 18 nights scheduled for 2019 April 16 to May 4. Starting in Ambon and ending in Labuan Bajo. Itinerary will remain open until day of departure. Weather conditions will be considered when we decide to come down via the West side or the East side of the Banda Sea. Hoping to visit Lucipara, plenty of time to explore and make it all up as we go. Great adventure, several old friends already expressed interest and we are looking forward to getting a great group of explorers together for this trip.

OK, so much for some of the “specials” in the coming 2 years, and of course more availability in 2019 on several of our “Sure Fire” itineraries which you can find in our online schedule here.

Happy Planning and Happy Holidays with Best Wishes for 2018!
The Seven Seas Team.

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