Raja Ampat Adventure 2019/2020

By Luc & Brigitte Rooman​.

It all started with the contest Our World Underwater 2019 where I got the message that my photo “Mating Frogs” was named BEST OF SHOW and winner of 2 weeks Raja Ampat on the Seven Seas – a dream became reality.

From 22 Dec 2019 to 3 Jan 2020 we were aboard the Seven Seas for our adventure. Since it was the first time in Raja Ampat, we had no idea what awaited us. After a few days we knew, this is a diving paradise; we fell from one surprise to the other. The boat, crew and course director Alex were fantastic, not to mention the delicious food that we were served daily.

Of course diving was central with beautiful places such as: Cape Mausuar, Mike’s Point, Manta Sandy, Airbark Jetty, Mangrove Ridge, Candy Store. Misool: Boo West, Romeo, then Camel towards Wagilbatan: Four Kings, Wedding Cake, Barracuda Rock, etc.

On the last day we did the incredible trip to Jellyfish Lake and Keramat Cave, a wonderful end to this beautiful adventure. Words fall short but the first thing that comes to mind is WAAAAUW, WAAAAUW, WAAAAUW, AMAZING.

Thank you very much to the owners of the boat who have made this trip available and if they need a photographer to give workshops they can always contact me. The list of underwater life is too long to mention but I will try with a few photos.

Thank you very much,
Luc & Brigitte Rooman (Belgium)

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