Looking Better Than Ever (August 2017)

Text by Karl Klingeler, photos by Tommy Schultz.

I am back on board The Seven Seas after dry dock and she looks better then ever. It amazes me how much is accomplished in this short time period. A lot of it you will see as soon as you come on board and some of it you won’t see but it is crucial for the well running of The Seven Seas for the year to come.

There is a whole new look for the inside. Last year planks were pulled off in the lower cabins to reveal the hull and a rough look & white wash was applied to all the walls. This year the built in furniture, beds & wall units received the same rough finish with a red wash. The salon/restaurant looks great with the built in units & tables finished in the same method. Another major project this year was the bathrooms in the cabins. Completely gutted and redone with new floors and tile & getting great compliments from our guests. Also the majority of the cabins & restaurant received new air conditioners.

The outside was completely repainted as usual. The sails have been replaced. The upper deck has been redone with aggregate so you don’t slip. Also the previous year we added outdoor carpet to the dive deck & now back to the crew area and also in the tender boats. This is awesome because your feet don’t get hot and again you will not slip. All the outdoor furniture has been refinished and the bamboo blinds in the back area were replaced with fabric blinds. We have redone the speed boats, fiberglass & paint as well as the kayaks and we have added a couple of SUP’s which the guests are enjoying.

Whats harder to see is all the work that has went in to making this boat safe & well maintained. Whether it be structural or a complete overhaul of the gen sets, main engine, out boards, water makers, dive compressors, spare parts inventory – including new AC units, outboard engines and even a spare compressor! Not to mention the new Nitrox Membrane! I can proudly say I have not worked for a company that has put so much back into their boat as well as their staff through education and training.

So hats off to The Seven Seas and we hope to see you soon.

Karl Klingeler
Cruise Director The Seven Seas

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