July Update from Captain Mark

By Mark Heighes

Dear Shipmates

No doubt you are all wondering what is going on regarding the plan for international travel to Indonesia. Once again it is very difficult to be accurate but I can tell you the plan.

The Governor of Bali has announced a plan to open up to international tourism on September 11 2020. This is not a commitment, just a plan. We know nothing else but this. Domestic flights are back up and operating and Bali is open to domestic tourism. Don’t get too excited because even if international borders are opened as planned you may not be granted permission to leave your own country of origin.

This year Seven Seas has spent more time sitting on her mooring in our home port of Labuanbajo than ever before. Many tourism operators in other countries such as here in Australia are receiving financial bailout packages from their governments to keep them afloat. Unfortunately this is not the case for us. Without a second thought all of our crew have agreed to salary sacrifices to help keep us operational as long as possible. We have not had one complaint from any of the team and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the office staff and crew for being so loyal and understanding in these difficult times. They never cease to amaze me in so many ways.

We will keep you posted on any future development on the international travel plans for Indonesia as they arise. Thank you all for being so patient. To end on a good note I have heard some promising news regarding a Vaccine that is being trailed in the UK and showing effective results.

Mark Heighes
31 July 2020

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