Great Feedback to Seven Seas plus Mola Mola video

By Christian Bretin

The Seven Seas is one of the nicest live aboards experiences I have ever had. Admittedly it is smaller than many other boats I have been on, but its condition is immaculate, the boat is very well kept (the crew visibly maintains it day after day), absolutely clean at all times. Bathrooms in perfectly working order (rare!) The dive deck is perfect for washing and stowing the gear after the dives, getting geared up and for the briefings before the dives. The food was amazing, I do to think we ever ate twice the same menu, mix of Asian/Indonesia and European/US fare -we even had duck and beef filet and crepes suzette! all delicious. I would have brought him back to Paris! The crew were all extremely friendly, helpful and professional and did all they could to please us.

We loved the itinerary. We enjoyed the diving in the “cold” water (south) most, unfortunately the rest of the group longed for the “warm” ocean and I would gladly have spent a bit more time south as the visibility and colors were at their best but all dives were really enjoyable and some sites are just breathtaking -literally, we had a couple of surprises with currents! However the dive masters and Karl, the cruise director (thumbs up for his flexibility and courtesy), always did their best at planning the dives between tides. I even had a huge Mola mola appearing just in front of me from the blue. We had a few opportunities to walk on desert beaches to watch the sunset. We only came across another dive boat at Alor and had to change the dive plan only once – this area is clearly still off the beaten tracks. So thank you for advising me not to go back to Komodo at this time of year. The weather was perfect, not a single day of rain, dry, sunny and always a pleasant sea breeze. So all in all I would return on the Seven Seas at any time (maybe to Raja Ampat where I have not been since … 2002 !)

Christian Bretin
September 2017

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