Creating an Amazing Experience

By Mike Jordan.

Over the last twenty years I have been on holidays all over the world, been on liveaboards, and dived in many locations. However none of those experiences compare with the Seven Seas Forgotten Islands cruise that I have just been on. Every single aspect of the trip was simply exceptional.

Often people will casually describe experiences as unforgettable or a trip of a lifetime – I can assure you that the memories of this trip will truly be with me forever. The incredible islands that we visited, the amazing coral gardens, the profusion of fish, and the true feeling of being able to disconnect from everyday life, too relax and recharge in one of the most mystical and enchanting regions on the planet.

More than anything the overall experience is defined by the love of the crew in creating an amazing experience, it never feels regimented, always flexile, accommodating people needs, wants and desires. The boat is a perfect platform for diving, enjoying, eating and sharing stories, laughter and memories with the crew and your fellow passengers. The food and hospitality is comparable to any other liveaboard that I have been on.

Words are inadequate to describe the time we spent on the Seven Seas, the trip was magical, we have made new friends, and were even privileged to visit some of the remotest and unspoilt parts of the planet at a time when man’s reach to change and modernise the world seems to be almost inescapable.

I would thoroughly recommend the Seven Seas to anyone and everyone I know without any hesitation, the team will look after you and share with you their knowledge, experience, care and passion for this amazing environment.

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