Commanding the Seven Seas

The Seven Seas and its operations are run by a wonderful Indonesian crew plus 2 western Cruise Directors.

The 2 Captains and 2 Cruise Directors have led liveaboard adventures in Indonesia for close to 2 decades on various vessels. They remain as committed and enthusiastic as they were on the very first trips. With many years of experience and formal nautical and dive education, they are well trained, professional, attentive and extremely safety conscious.

Mr. Wahyudin Ismail and Mr. Abdul Rifai H. Djudje are our captains. They were part of the team well before the Seven Seas was first conceived. They were both involved with the construction of the Seven Seas resulting in them knowing and taking ownership over every piece of timber and equipment on this boat. Captains “Wahyu” and “Pai” have gone through all the formal education, in various stages throughout their careers, plus years of experience and additional training at sea, to be currently recognized as two of the most experienced captains in the fleet of Indonesian liveaboards.

The crew onboard consists of a team of hand-picked individuals that work together as a team. Some of the key crew members, just like our two Captains, have been working with Mark for over twenty years. They are more like family to us than employees. Many of the other crew members have been onboard since the launching of Seven Seas. We are very proud of our crew and take time to concentrate on group dynamics, morale and their general wellbeing. One of the first things you will notice onboard is how professional and safety conscious our crew are as they go about their daily routine. You will not find a more loyal, experienced, or happier, crew anywhere in Indonesia.

Our cruise directors are Mark Heighes and Karl Klingeler.

Mark first travelled to Indonesia in as a dive guide in 1982. By the mid 1980s he was leading trips across the Banda Sea from Bali to Ambon and back. He is regarded as one of the true pioneers of diving in Indonesia and has probably discovered more sites in Eastern Indonesia than anyone else in the business. Mark is responsible for all onboard operations and his experience in the region is second to none.

Karl has 18 years’ experience in the diving industry, 15 of them in Indonesia. Having worked with a number of luxury liveaboards, as well as a land-based dive resort, Karl joined the team almost a decade ago and is now leading most of Seven Seas’ cruises, taking turns with Mark. With thousands of dives under his belt, most of them throughout the Indonesian archipelago, Karl has extensive knowledge of all of Seven Seas’ itineraries & dive sites.

With over 300 trips and more than 175,000 dives successfully completed since launching The Seven Seas, we take particular pride in our Safety Record. Everyone in the team is at all times, first and foremost, focused on ensuring the safety of all guests onboard. Conditions on all dive sites are checked prior to the dive to ensure the safety of all involved.

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