Combination Cruises East of Flores, Komodo and Sumbawa

By Alex del Olmo.

If you are into underwater photography or videography (or maybe both) and you are thinking of joining on a liveaboard, how does it sound if I tell you that in Komodo National Park you will have the chance to film or shoot some of the best reefs in the world, see Komodo dragons, dive with mantas and have the chance to see rare critters. Sounds good, right? And that is what a bunch of liveaboards usually offer.

But if I add some dives in East Sumbawa where you can witness even more incredible critters and colourful reefs full of crinoids, similar to those in South Rinca, but with better visibility and warmer water. And if on top of that I add as well stunning pink beaches all to yourself and fly your drone with no one else ruining your footage? How about that?

But wait, and if I finally add the cherry on top, telling you that you will have the chance to see dolphins and whales, capture rare species like the decorated dartfish, greater hammerheads, the elusive wobbegong, yes, on this trip! And film or shoot some stunning hidden reefs on steroids, with myriads of colourful anthias and table corals in shallow waters that are way up there with Batu Bolong and Tatawa Kecil, but without any other divers around, neither day boats nor liveaboards. And of course dive some stunning atoll walls that look like the ones in Manado, but this time East of Flores

Do I have your attention now? If the answer is Yes, welcome to our combination trips from Labuan Bajo to Maumere and vice versa. During the months when good weather and warm water hits North Komodo but also Sumbawa and East of Flores, these combination trips are perfect for photography and video lovers.

As an UW filmmaker myself, one of the decisive criteria when I choose to go on a Liveaboard is Variety. Variety of fish life, critters, wide angle scenes with different reefs and walls and beautiful landscapes to film with my drone, that is to me the cornerstone of a successful and creative piece of work. And this is what makes the combination trips in this area so special.

In a two weeks trip you will have the chance to photograph or film a plethora of different reefs, walls, macro subjects, fish life and many different landscapes from the wild South Komodo, to pink beaches in Sumbawa to mangroves near Ipet or unforgettable sunsets in Flores – just to mention a few places. All this variety cannot be beaten during a single area trip. All of this in good weather, warm water and nice visibility in this particular period of time. Give or take a couple really cold dips in the South! ?

So if you are planning your next liveaboard cruise keep in mind that combination trips might fulfil all your needs as an UW photographer and videographer in just one trip. Take the time for it, as this is a 14 night itinerary, covering a lot of ground and a great variety of subjects on the way.

Alex del Olmo
Cruise Director The Seven Seas
August 2019

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