Amazing Komodo

By Hannah Lee. Photos by Katherine Wells.

My time on the Seven Seas to Komodo was amazing. Incredibly, the two weeks of seemingly endless days still felt too short. Simultaneously relaxing and exhilarating they were filled with diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking and reading. Although diving was a big part of the experience, if it is not for you, or you wanted a break, there were countless other options to keep you busy. The boat is beautiful and luxurious while still comfortable and practical. The 360 views go on forever and make it hard to look away. Before arriving, I was having some anxiety about being on a boat for so long, but I can say with full confidence, anxiety was not an emotion I felt once on this trip. During the day you get to distract yourself by staring at rolling hills and volcanos, while at night, the stars in the milky way are all you see. Your surroundings are just too beautiful to feel anything but happy.

The crew is amazing as well. They’re so kind and experienced and really are at your beckon call. Alex, the cruise director, is so helpful and organized and makes sure the day’s plan has something for everyone. Jeffery and Irwan, the dive masters, are always looking out for everyone both above and below the surface. The crew members on the speedboats are ready to help with any issues prior to dive and are right there to pick you up as you surface. The food coming out of the kitchen is something I think everyone looks forward too. The cooks, little John and Yofin are amazing and never let anyone go hungry. The food is one of the highlights of this experience. The crew is really what makes the Seven Seas special.

There were nights were the crew would pack snacks and drinks and we’d all head to a beach for the sunset. These were my favourite nights and the bonfire was one of the highlights of my trip. Before hand, we all went to a beach and feasted on sashimi and margaritas while the sun set in front of us. The kids took pictures and walked around looking for shells and on the beach while the adults watched and relaxed. Soon after, we ventured to another beach around the corner where there was a fire being constructed and a beautiful bbq meal prepared for us. We spent the night eating, singing, dancing and enjoying each others’ company. The crew brought guitars and introduced us to some great Indonesian line dancing while we taught them some moves ourselves. Everyone had a great time and it was my favourite night here.

The diving in Komodo is beyond amazing. Each time you enter the water, it is a new experience, however my favourite underwater experience was snorkelling with the mantas. After our dive we found the mantas feeding at the surface and jumped in for a closer look. Because of the toxins in the jellyfish and plankton that they feed on, the entranced mantas, don’t even care we’re there. They we’re coming so close to us from all sides yet fear never crosses your mind. These massive creatures that are so incredibly gentle it is and elegant its almost mesmerizing. The experience is so beautiful and, honestly, even a little emotional. A written explanation seems inadequate, it’s truly something you have to experience for yourself.

The trip overall was an experience of a lifetime. Each day was so full and perfect. I learned so many things, met so many new people and got to experience a new world. I am so grateful I was able to come on this trip and I really will miss the people, the crew, the landscape and waters here so much. Thank you Seven Seas!

Hannah Lee
Komodo, July 2019

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